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Delivert Pastor Andrew Caldwell: Claims He Dated Kordell…

Pastor Andrew Caldwell that made news proclaiming he is delivert and "Not Gay No More", in a recent interview decided to tell who some of the people were he hobb knobbed with before his deliverance.… Read More

Women Accused Of Supplying And Injecting Kids With Heroin

A women is being accused of supplying and injecting children, including her own, with heroin...see video Read More

Man Fired For Posting A Selfie On FB With Co-Workers Son

Word to the wise, before you hit post think about what your posting and what someone else might think of that post. It may cost you your job...see video Read More

Bobby Brown: Starts "Bobbi Kristina Serenity House" …

Bobby Brown is taking the loss of his daughter Bobbi Kristina and spinning it to help others. Bobby Brown will be opening "Bobbi Kristina Serenity House", a place that will help others in abuse… Read More

Yo Yo The Queen Of Sexy Rap: Unsung (VIDEO)

Check out the full episode of the Queen of sexy rap Yo Yo: Unsung!! Read More

T.I. Is More Than Just A Rapper: 2015 Triumph Awards…

T.I. is more then just a rapper. Although he has made mistakes in his life, he is a father, mentor, extremely versitle and artistic. More importantly he was able to break down "Black Lives Matter"… Read More

Club Say's Women Were Too Dark And Fat To Enter (VIDEO)

These young ladies were told they could not enter a club, because they were too dark and fat...check out the video Read More

Michael Bivins Talks New Edition Biopic (VIDEO)

New Edition and BBD member Michael Bivins sits down and talks about the upcoming New Edition Biopic, Bobby Brown and more...check out video Read More
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