12 Year Old Girl Pinned Down And Dreads Cut Off By Male Students…Now Recants!? [VIDEO]

12 year old Amari Allen was allegedly traumatized as it was reported last week that 3 white male students that attended a private school, Immanuel Christian School, in Fairfax, Virginia pinned down the 12 year old Amari on the playground, then one of them pulled out a pair of scissors and cut her dread locks, because, according the boys, they were “nappy” and “ugly.”

However the narrative has shifted:

It is now being reported that Amari Allen has recanted her story and her family members have issued a public apology

Lakeisha Allen said the family is “devastated.”

“We are so embarrassed, and we are so sorry,”  “To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused,”

After reading the first paragraph we all were ready to go in, however now that you know the rest of the story what are your thoughts?  Does this young lady need help?

Let us know your thoughts in comments after you… 

check out the video below


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